One of many pleasures in travelling is that you get to experience authentic cooking that is usually quite different from your home cooking.  Even though Mexican food is pervasive as fast food in other countries, the ‘real’ Mexican cooking is vastly superior and, once you try it, you may fall in love all over again!

No matter if you are staying in a Mexico City luxury vacation rental or even a budget hostel in Mexico City, you can usually walk out the door and almost anywhere you will find  delicious ‘Taquerias’ (small places that sell authentic tacos) or even street stands nearby.  The advantage is that they are quick, delicious and inexpensive.  The ingredients are fresh and usually there is practically an infinate number of varieties available to choose from.  They are made from a tortilla made of Corn or wheat, and you can choose the meat you like, beef, pork, chicken or seafood, and then you can get a variety toppings of vegetables and sauces like guacamole or salsa.  These are not frozen or mass produced tacos.  They are an authentic taste of Mexico and every visitor should try them!

A few suggestions for great taco places are:  El Farolito, El Califa de León, Los Parados, El Tizoncito, but there are many others too… all of them within walking distance of SuiteBoutique.

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