Xochimilco lies about 17 miles south of Mexico City and is an amazing network of canals and islands.  It was declared a Unesco World Heritage site and is part of an old town (with the same name) with traditional marketplaces, historic churches and festivals.

It was founded by Aztecs in an area where the land is inhospitable and they created the islands as a means of helping them thrive.  It is one of the original sites of the Aztec capital upon which the modern city of Mexico was built.  Today it is part of the Federal District of Mexico City, but was an independant town from the pre-hispanic era up until the 20th century.

One of the fun things to do while visiting Xochimilco, is to take a boat ride down the canals in a Trajinera… One of the colorful gondolas used for travel in the canals. It is a rich cultural site and a national hertiage and is well worth visiting while you are staying at your vacation rental in Mexico City.  The easiest way to get there is to take a cab from just outside SuiteBoutique for around $15 or less.

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