Mexico has a reputation in other countries as great fast food, but there is so much more to Mexican cooking.  In reality, it has a long history, beginning with the Mayans and Aztecs and enjoying it is a profound way of being a part of the Mexican culture.

Even though enchiladas are a simple food, when they are made in Mexico, they are delicious.  They are made with corn tortillas and can come with meat, cheese, vegetables, beans and other ingredients.  Another ingredient, less tangible is love.  The Mexican chef, whether at home or at work, loves the food and it shows in their work.

So, where can you find ‘Enchiladerias’ (places that sell Enchiladas)?  Not surprisingly, from Mexico City Hotels to small neighborhood restaurants, they are located almost everwhere in the City.  A restaurant we recommend called La Poblanita is located only three blocks from SuiteBoutique and has delicious enchiladas (as well as other fantastic menu items).

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