Every traveler knows that one of the fun and interesting things to do in a foregin country is to check out the local ‘traditional’ markets. Mexico City has many traditional markets, but perhaps one of the best is called Mercado de la Ciudadela. Why? Because its very colorful and has such a vibrant atmosphere. Its located in the Balderas area, between Reforma and Chapultepec. It is an authentic artisanal market and is very much an cultural part of Mexico City.

You can find just about anything at Mercado de la Ciudadela – handcrafted goods, souvenirs which include the world famous hammocks, bags, pottery, silverware and the mere creativity and ingeniousness of the artisans will surprise you! It is a truly cultural experience to visit, even if you do nothing but stroll through the market. The charming chaos, learning how sellers interact with buyers and seeing original handicrafts that are exquisitly made by artisans is an enriching experience for any traveller!

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