Mexico doesn’t just produce Tequila…although, admittedly, it is the famous export from Mexico. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Mezcal is an extremely popular drink within Mexico. Similar to tequila, it is also made out of an agave plant (called the Maguey plant) that’s also native to Mexico.

The Mezcal drink has a long history, beginning even before the Spanish conquistadores arrived. The maguey plant was considered sacred and was used in religous rituals long before their arrival.

There are even specialized bars in Mexico City devoted to Mezcal. A popular activity in Mexico City is to visit the different bars and sample the various Mezcals and tequilas in a similar way to when people visit wineries to sample local wines.

Tourists also love to join in on this activity. From wherever you are staying whether a hotel or a small vacation home rental in Mexico City, the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal is the central place to start. You not only taste the products, but you can also learn about its history and production. Afterward, we have a few bars we recommend to get an real, authentic Mexico City bar experience.
Some of the ones we think are good are:
Bar Montejo,
El Entenario,
El Mexicano,
La Guadalupana
and then finally, El Leon de Oro thats located right in Colonia Escandón… only 1 block from Suite Boutique.
You should also give some of the smaller, traditional taverns a try as you run across them in your travels throughout the City.

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