Mexico City has a very upscale area known as Planco, which is favored by the wealthier inhabitants of Mexico City. It is also home to many foregin embassies, large shopping centers and fancy restaurants that make it a fun place to visit to get to know how the privileged in Mexico live.

It is primarily an exclusive residential area, just north of the Chupultepec Park and occupies some neighborhoods in the Miguel Hidalgo district. It also is close to the historical center of Mexico City. Being upscale, as you can imagine, it is a bustling commercial area with lots of activity.

For those who stay in some of the SuiteBoutique holiday rentals, it is a mere 3 metro stations away or on an average day, about a 10 minute taxi ride.

Polanco is widely known in Mexico City as the place to be for an elegant dining experience. It’s filled with fancy restaurants, and even more casual restaurants with excellent food. There are a lot of patrons there for shopping and dining. It is even a nice area to walk around and see the sites, with the trendy Presidente Masaryk Ave nearby and the residential housing that makes Polanco one of the most sought after areas for real estate investors.
It is the place where celebrities and the wealthy of Mexico have their mansions and is a very interesting place to visit as a tourist.
There is easy and quick access to many museums nearby, as well as Chepultapec Park, but we think it would be the place we’d recommend if you wanted to have a special dining experience or an elegant night on the town!

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