Needless to say, Mexico is a shopper’s paradise! Of course there are many great reasons to visit Mexico City, but since it offers one of the best shopping desitinations in all of Latin America, you can’t lose if shopping is on your agenda!
South of Chapultepec Park, on the Avenida Patriotismo in the San Pedro de los Pinos neighborhood, there is the Metropoli Patriotismo Mall. It is actually very close to the SuiteBoutique vacation rentals- so close, in fact, you can walk there. Its a great place to go for a whole day or just a quick trip to get something you might need.
The mall was opened in 2006 and has very recently expanded. It has a large cinema complex with several theaters, has all the famous desiner stores as well as Mexico department stores, and has many restaurants and cafés, perfect for those times when you want to take a refreshment break! It covers a lot of area so bring comfortable shoes.

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